Scale and Guide Resolution

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Vega-Lite determines whether scale domains should be unioned. If the scale domain is unioned, axes and legends can be merged. Otherwise they have to be independent.

  "resolve": {
    // Scale resolution
    "scale": {
      CHANNEL: ...
    // Axis resolution for position channels
    "axis": {
    // Legend resolution for non-position channels
    "legend": {

resolve is an object where the keys are scale, axis, or legend and the values are again objects that define the resolution for different channels.

For scales, resolution can be specified for every channel. For axes, resolutions can be defined for x and y (positional channels). For legends, resolutions can be defined for color, opacity, shape, and size (non-positional channels).

There are two options to resolve a scale, axis, or legend: "shared" and "independent". Independent scales imply independent axes and legends.

The defaults are documented on the faceting, layering, concatenation, and repeating pages.


In this example, we use two independent color scales for two repeated charts. Note how Vega-Lite automatically creates separate legends for each chart.