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  "data": ... ,
  "mark": "point",
  "encoding": ... ,

point mark represents each data point with a symbol. Point marks are commonly used in visualizations like scatterplots.

Documentation Overview

Dot Plot

Mapping a field to either only x or only y of point marks creates a dot plot.

Scatter Plot

Mapping fields to both the x and y channels creates a scatter plot.

By default, point marks only have borders and are transparent inside. You can create a filled point by setting filled to true.

Bubble Plot

By mapping a third field to the size channel in the scatter plot, we can create a bubble plot instead.

Scatter Plot with Color and/or Shape

Fields can also be encoded in the scatter plot using the color or shape channels. For example, this specification encodes the field Origin with both color and shape.

Geo Point

By mapping geographic coordinate data to longitude and latitude channels of a corresponding projection, we can visualize geographic points. The example below shows major airports in the US.

Point Config

// Top-level View Specification
  "config": {
    "point": ...,

The point property of the top-level config object sets the default properties for all point marks. If mark property encoding channels are specified for marks, these config values will be overridden.

For the list of all supported properties, please see the mark config documentation.