Example Gallery

This page shows example specifications for different types of graphics. To see example code for embedding visualization in a webpage, please refer to this page.


Simple Bar Chart Aggregate Bar Chart Histogram Grouped Bar Chart Scatterplot Scatterplot with Filled Circles Binned Scatterplot Colored Scatterplot Bubble Plot Gapminder Bubble Plot Strip Plot Line Chart Multi Series Line Chart Slope Graph Connected Scatterplot Area Chart Table Heatmap Binned heatmap Github punch card visualization


Stacked Bar Chart Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart Normalized Stacked Bar Chart Stacked Area Chart Normalized Stacked Area Chart Streamgraph Layered Bar Chart


Error Bars Horizontal Error Bars


Anscombe’s Quartet Trellis Bar Chart Trellis Stacked Bar Chart Trellis Scatter Plot Trellis Histograms Becker’s Barley Trellis Plot


Mean overlay over precipitation chart Layering text over heatmap Candlestick Chart


Repeat and layer to show different weather measures


Rectangular Brush Paintbrush Highlight Scatterplot Pan & Zoom Query Widgets Overview and Detail Crossfilter Scatterplot Matrix

Community Examples

Here we list great examples of Vega-Lite visualizations that were created by the community. Please help us expand this gallery by forking our example block and sending us a pull request with your example added to this list.