Radial Plot

This radial plot uses both angular and radial extent to convey multiple dimensions of data. However, this approach is not perceptually effective, as viewers will most likely be drawn to the total area of the shape, conflating the two dimensions. This example also demonstrates a way to add labels to circular plots.

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Vega-Lite JSON Specification

  "$schema": "https://vega.github.io/schema/vega-lite/v5.json",
  "description": "A simple radial chart with embedded data.",
  "data": {
    "values": [12, 23, 47, 6, 52, 19]
  "layer": [{
    "mark": {"type": "arc", "innerRadius": 20, "stroke": "#fff"}
    "mark": {"type": "text", "radiusOffset": 10},
    "encoding": {
      "text": {"field": "data", "type": "quantitative"}
  "encoding": {
    "theta": {"field": "data", "type": "quantitative", "stack": true},
    "radius": {"field": "data", "scale": {"type": "sqrt", "zero": true, "rangeMin": 20}},
    "color": {"field": "data", "type": "nominal", "legend": null}