Fold Transform

The fold transform collapses (or “folds”) one or more data fields into two properties: a key property (containing the original data field name) and a value property (containing the data value). The fold transform is useful for mapping matrix or cross-tabulation data into a standardized format.

This transform generates a new data stream in which each data object consists of the key and value properties as well as all the original fields of the corresponding input data object.

Transform Parameters

Property Type Description
fields Field[ ] Required. An array of data fields indicating the properties to fold.
as String[ ] The output field names for the key and value properties produced by the fold transform. The default is ["key", "value"].


{"type": "fold", "fields": ["gold", "silver"]}

This example folds the gold and silver properties. Given the input data

  {"country": "USA", "gold": 10, "silver": 20},
  {"country": "Canada", "gold": 7, "silver": 26}

this example produces the output:

  {"key": "gold", "value": 10, "country": "USA", "gold": 10, "silver": 20},
  {"key": "silver", "value": 20, "country": "USA", "gold": 10, "silver": 20},
  {"key": "gold", "value": 7, "country": "Canada", "gold": 7, "silver": 26},
  {"key": "silver", "value": 26, "country": "Canada", "gold": 7, "silver": 26}