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// Single View Specification
  "data": ... ,
  "mark": "square",
  "encoding": ... ,

square marks is similar to point mark, except that (1) the shape value is always set to square (2) they are filled by default.

Square Mark Properties

A square mark definition can contain any standard mark properties and the following special properties:

Property Type Description
size Number

The pixel area each the point/circle/square. For example: in the case of circles, the radius is determined in part by the square root of the size value.

Default value: 30

Example: Scatterplot with Square

Here are an example scatter plot with square marks:

Square Config

// Top-level View Specification
  "config": {
    "square": ...,

The square property of the top-level config object sets the default properties for all square marks. If mark property encoding channels are specified for marks, these config values will be overridden.

The square config can contain any point mark properties (except type, style, and clip).