Vega-Lite and Typescript

Vega-Lite is written in TypeScript. You can use the types provided by Vega-Lite to type check your specifications and the compiler API.

The main function for Vega-Lite is compile. Vega-Lite directly exports this function. The first argument to compile is a Vega-Lite specification of type TopLevelSpec. You can use the type, which Vega-Lite directly exports, to type check your specification. Vega-Lite also exports a type Config for the Vega-Lite configuration.

Below is a short code snippet that uses the compile function and the various types exported by Vega-Lite.

import {Config, TopLevelSpec, compile} from 'vega-lite';

const vegaLiteSpec: TopLevelSpec = {
  $schema: '',
  data: {
    values: [
      {a: 'A', b: 28},
      {a: 'B', b: 55},
      {a: 'C', b: 43},
      {a: 'D', b: 91},
      {a: 'E', b: 81},
      {a: 'F', b: 53},
      {a: 'G', b: 19},
      {a: 'H', b: 87},
      {a: 'I', b: 52}
  mark: 'bar',
  encoding: {
    x: {field: 'a', type: 'nominal', axis: {labelAngle: 0}},
    y: {field: 'b', type: 'quantitative'}

const config: Config = {
  bar: {
    color: 'firebrick'

const vegaSpec = compile(vegaLiteSpec, {config}).spec;