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Vega Editor API documentation


Build Status

Deployed at https://vega-editor-backend.vercel.app/. Code is at https://github.com/vega/editor-backend.

Setup Instructions

  1. Clone the repository.

    $ git clone git@github.com:vega/editor-backend.git
  2. Install all dependencies.

    $ yarn install
  3. Put configurations in a .env file in the root directory.

    $ cp .env.sample .env
  4. Sample configuration of a .env file can be:

    # [@domoritz](https://github.com/domoritz) created this app for OAuth testing.
    # You may create [your own application](https://github.com/settings/developers).
    # GitHub OAuth app credentials
    # Session ID configuration
  5. Run the back-end server.

    $ yarn start
  6. Go to the home route (which usually is http://localhost:3000/). Otherwise it will be mentioned in the console where the above command is run.


Go to https://vega.github.io/editor-backend/.

Code formatting

  • Install ESLint plugin for automatically handling formatting of TypeScript files.
  • Install Rewrap plugin to assist formatting of markdown files. Press Alt + Q to limit lines at 80 characters.
  • The project uses ESLint to format the code. Run yarn format to fix formatting where it's possible to do so automatically.

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